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MP visit

We were deeply honored by the interest that some members of parliament took in what we are doing.  We put together a short document outlining some of the areas we believe could be improved to help meet our mission of providing the first, and most importantly a path to the second jobs for some of the most overlooked people in Australia at

SSI Experience Center Training

Customers, you might have been contacted by someone from Settlement Services International’s Experience Center.   This is the organization that tries to find employment for our newest Australian Refugees.  We are working with this group of individuals to provide work experience.   This is what we are really here for, and we appreciate you supporting them in their development path.

The following materials were shared in the training.  All require Access to be given prior to open them.

Employment Corner

The following materials are important for every employee who starts with us to be familiar with (click the post name ‘Employment Corner’ to view hyperlinks):

We try to focus on providing veterans, refugees, and asylum seekers their first, and most importantly a path to their second roles in Australia.  If you would like to collaborate with us on that, and/or you believe you know someone who would benefit from taking their next step with us, then please email: