Psychologist/Exec Coach/Board Member Assistance

If you are on this site, you probably know that we actively try to provide jobs to refugees, asylum seekers, and veterans.  As a general rule, the people in these groups are extraordinarily hard-working and resourceful, but many of them carry scars that impede relationships and information flow in the company.

We have a striking and unique opportunity to best support those in need. This is an organic position that has a lot of potential for practical experience. The right candidate will ideally come from an organisational background and have experience supporting varying cultures. The role requires someone that is focused on supporting others in need as well as best practice management for a small organisation. Working on-site in Laverton will allow you to best integrate with the team, and also capacity to communicate remotely with the management team.  A person with vocational counselling, and holistic care would likely be best suited for this role.

Our board has deep skills in accounting and operations, but lacks people with deep backgrounds in helping people through trauma, and setting reasonable targets for them.  A board seat is available to the person in this role.

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